Finished Goods
Our ranges of Jelly Glues are best suit to manufacture below products with up most economical value:
- Hard Cover Book
- Book Case
- Premium Box
- Mooncake Box
- Calendar Stand
- Diary

- Top/Bottom Box (天地盒)
- Rigid Box 

Proven Running Machines
We have the most comprehensive ranges of Jelly Glues that are able to fulfill different types of production, such as:
- Fully Auto Machine: 20~30 pieces/min 
- Semi Auto Machine: 10~15 pieces/min 
- Proven production with below renown machine: Kolbus DA36, Kolbus DA260 DA270, Li Shun Yuan 力顺源, Shengtu ST036B 晟图, Emecci, Horauf, Zhengrun 正润,Zhongke 中科 etc... 

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