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Removable Hotmelt Glue Dot Tape is an environmentally friendly multi-purpose products, mainly for temporary fixation, assembly and bonding, such as printed paper cards, brochures, greeting cards, balloons, DIY handicrafts, gift sets, cosmetics, false eyelashes, free sample sachet on magazine etc.

No residue and no damage to product surface.

Hotmelt Removable Glue Dot Tape

1.They are small points,unlike the traditional adhesive tape,very convenient for operation. 

2.Very sticky, can adhere to most of the material, plastic, metal, rubber, wood, glass, marble, even fabric, etc.

3.The dots can be removed without trace or residue left on the surface,no damage at all.

4. User does need to invest on expensive Hotmelt Equipment or Machine but still able to use the Hotmelt Adhesive. 


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